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Terraces and balconies are valuable oasis of relaxation, especially in urban areas. Today, these spaces are designed and furnished in such creative grandeur that finding the right accessories has become a game of treasure hunt to many.

The pot shop is your one stop for all that you need to Jazz up your outdoor and indoor space with the latest gardening trends.
We source products from around the world and also have a keen eye to find and promote local artisans who are talented and passionate about all things beautiful, so gather a varied edit of beautiful plant pots right here in our Singara Chennai.

Whether a carefully chosen planter box flanking a walkway or distinctive, tall vase planters framing an elegant doorway, our consultants will make sure they esthetically design your space into magical eye soothing oasis of art.

Plant containers are an important part of any design scheme. Planters act as anchors of style, either quietly blending in or offering a pop of contrast. When thoughtfully chosen, a planter can add as much character and style as art, furnishings, and other pieces of decor.

We at the pot shop specialize in

Metal and Zinc planters…
Metal and zinc planters are durable and often increase in beauty as they age. Whether you love the rich color of copper or the strong industrial look of steel or cast iron—the one characteristic that sets metal garden planters apart is the beauty that aging can add to their surface color and texture.

Wooden planters
Nothing can beat the natural beauty of wood planters, whether it’s on a small balcony or expansive garden. A well-chosen planter in long-lasting teak or durable cedar will enhance any garden decor—no matter how contemporary or sophisticated.

Resin planters
Resin garden planters simulate the look of natural materials such as clay, terracotta and stone—many virtually impossible to distinguish from the ‘real thing’ until you touch them. Their lightweight and vast variety in sizes, colors and styles make resin planters ideal for most container gardens.

Plant pot stands
Got a corner of your house in need of a pick-me-up? Wouldn’t a plant be just perfect for that space? But you need something dramatic, something eye-catching, something substantial. When a terracotta pot on the floor just won’t cut it, you know it’s time to get creative, plant pot stands come in different designs- from vintage cycles to geometrical art installations the pot stands are the latest trends of 2016.

Hanging baskets and wall planters
Use lush, trailing plants to overflow a traditional hanging basket and graceful hanging blooms, and voila you have a stunning piece of nature daintily hanging in your living space.

Gift a plant
Give the Earth the gift of trees! Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special events by giving a gift of trees.

When you plant trees you don’t just make your community nicer, you plant trees to save energy and generate even less carbon.

Go green reduce your carbon footprint…plant a tree… make this world a happier place to live in.

Now is our time to give back to mother earth. …Shop at the Pot shop for eco friendly alternatives to flowers…. give a potted plant garden and give a garden for life…

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